Providing Manual Wheelchairs

in Oklahoma & Arkansas

For over 10 years, AcTion Seating and Mobility has provided manual wheelchair products for thousands of mobility customers in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our team of RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP’s) has advanced experience in providing both standard and custom manual wheelchairs for a wide variety of disabilities and diagnoses.  Along with your healthcare TEAM, our ATPs evaluate those in need of manual wheelchairs to find the most appropriate wheelchair solutions for the consumer’s unique situation.

Evaluating you for the most appropriate manual wheelchair product is an art and requires a complete review of many different circumstances such as transfer style, dependent or independent use, environment, and transportation. Custom solutions are often needed for unique situations.

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Manual Wheelchair Solutions

Tilt In Space

Tilt in space manual wheelchair is a high-end wheelchair solution for clients who typically have a more advanced condition, disability or progressive disease.  These specialty wheelchairs often address pressure relief and positioning issues due to the ability of these chairs to tilt up to 50 degrees.

To determine if you or your loved one needs a tilt in space wheelchair, you need to be evaluated by a physical therapist or occupational therapists as well as work with a certified supplier with an ATP on staff.  All four of our branches have certified ATP’s on staff to work with your healthcare providers to evaluate you for these specialty wheelchairs and a dedicated TEAM to process via your insurance.

Ultra-lightweight Wheelchairs

There is much more to manual wheelchairs than meets the eye.  Sometimes consumers need a wheelchair for transport via a caregiver and other times they require a customized wheelchair to be independent at home and in their communities.  There are significant differences between a standard wheelchair and an ultralight wheelchair.

The ultralight wheelchair requires trained ATP’s and clinicians to perform a functional, and environmental evaluation and adequately measure you to fit the product to you.  Ultralight wheelchairs are custom built by the manufacturer for you.  Our professional certified ATP’s have the extensive training and experience to evaluate you and make sure your chair fits you.

Custom and Power Addon Solutions

We understand that every consumer who needs or relies on a wheelchair is unique.  Body types, conditions, diagnosis, injuries and other factors often call for a complete custom configuration.

Our ATP’s have vast experience working with therapists, physicians, case workers and other healthcare professionals to help determine the most appropriate type of manual wheelchair. Along with your healthcare TEAM, we take into consideration the consumers living situation, home environment, positioning and mobility needs and many other factors to assist the consumer with maximum mobility and independence in their everyday lives.

Manual Wheelchair Products We Provide

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