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Action Seating and Mobility has served thousands of power mobility customers for over a decade in Oklahoma and Arkansas.   High-end power wheelchair products and solutions can be overwhelming when it is time to consider your first chair or moving into a new chair.  It is essential to make sure that you are working with an experienced supplier. One who can work with your healthcare TEAM to evaluate you or your loved one for the most appropriate products to meet their unique needs and their everyday environment.

Action Seating and Mobility has RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP’s) at all of our locations. These ATP’s are certified to work with your healthcare TEAM to measure, evaluate and provide power wheelchair solutions for your specific needs.  Our ATP’s have decades of experience working in the industry.   We work with a wide variety of insurance companies to provide standard and high-end power wheelchairs for those in need.  Also, we deliver, warranty and service to our customers for the life of their equipment and beyond.

Power Wheelchair Solutions

Standard Power

Standard power wheelchairs are traditionally for those who have very little to no ability to walk on their own in their home environment.  Insurance requires a prescription and documentation from your doctor.  The physician must document:

  • The beneficiary has limitations in MRADLs ( mobility-related activities of daily living) in the home.
  • The necessity for the equipment based on diagnosis and condition that limits your ability to walk within your home.
  • A cane, walker, manual wheelchair and scooter must be ruled out.
  • The beneficiary is willing and can safely operate a power wheelchair

Often standard power wheelchairs are for those with impaired strength &/or physical function of upper extremities and are not able to walk.  They are not able to complete MRADL’s in their home without the use of a power wheelchair.  Action Seating and Mobility’s staff is well qualified in working with you and your physician to evaluate you or your loved one’s situation to see if you or they qualify for a power wheelchair.

High-End Power

Many times an individual’s condition or diagnosis may necessitate a high-end power wheelchair with unique features to meet both positioning and mobility requirements.  These conditions and diagnoses often include a mobility limitation due to a neurological injury or disease, myopathy, or congenital skeletal deformity and are many times progressive disorders.

These specialty wheelchairs can include power seating functions such as power tilt, power recline, power elevating leg rests, and power seat elevators.  All high-end power wheelchairs can be configured with specialty electronics and drive controls that allow the wheelchair user to control the power wheelchair based on their unique situation.

The ATP’s at Action Seating & Mobility have extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals to provide high-end power wheelchair solutions.  Our funding  TEAM at Action can help you navigate the process and documentation requirements.  Their singular focus is assisting you to get approval for your needed power wheelchair.

Custom Solutions

No two people are the same.  They have unique body types, different diagnoses with secondary issues such as positioning needs and skin protection and many other factors that must be we take into consideration.  Many times custom solutions must be provided for wheelchair users when addressing these issues so that a consumer can live their life as independently as possible.

Power wheelchair bases come in many different configurations.  Also, there are numerous seating systems to consider for each consumer’s individual needs.  Providing high-end power wheelchairs is an art which calls for listening to the client, working with their healthcare TEAM and caregivers and sometimes creativity.

That is where Action Seating & Mobility’s Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and our TEAM comes in.  We have many years experience as well as significant relationships with the manufacturers and in the industry.  We can call in resources to help and work together to get you the best setup for maximum functionality.

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