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How We Serve Caregivers

Caring for a loved one with disabilities demands so much. And we’re honored to be a source of help, education, and support on your caregiving journey.

How Action Seating and Mobility works with family caregivers

We believe caregivers are an irreplaceable part of the care team.

Caregivers pour so much of themselves into the life and care of their loved ones. No matter what, caregivers are always there — and we believe they deserve a voice.

How Action Seating & Mobility helps individuals with disabilities

You Always Have a Voice

Caregivers are always there, often seeing details that others might miss. Your input and insight is valued and always taken into consideration.

Always Informed

We never leave caregivers out of the conversation. As a valued member of the care team, you’re kept updated every step of the way.

Ongoing Support

We believe in relationships and supporting your loved one through timely maintenance, product care education, and ongoing support.

Improved Ease of Use

With caregivers moving, adjusting, and operating assistive equipment on a daily basis, we make sure our products help reduce your workload.

Our goal is to keep your loved one moving with improved support and function.

Comfort and Proper Positioning

Ill-fitting assistive equipment can wreak havoc on the body. Our custom-fit products improve positioning and progress toward healthful outcomes.

Confidence & Freedom

Our products are carefully chosen, customized, and specialty fit to ensure your loved one can more fully embrace life and the world around them.

Lifetime Support

We believe in maintaining strong relationships with our customers, continuously providing you with product support and timely maintenance.

caregiver of a loved one with a disability

Schedule Your Loved One’s Seating Evaluation

Ill-fitting equipment can cause significant damage to your loved one’s health. They don’t need to live in that pain, and you don’t need to worry anymore if they’re getting the best quality fit. Let’s get them moving.

Schedule an Evaluation

Our Process

We work closely with you, as part of the care team, to ensure every aspect of your loved one’s chair fits their life and helps reduce your workload as a caregiver.

How Action Seating & Mobility serves caregivers

Talk with us about your loved one’s needs

A simple call or fill-out of our consultation form is all it takes to get started.

Schedule a seating evaluation.

After learning about your loved one’s needs, we schedule a time to meet and conduct a custom seating & positioning or adaptive equipment evaluation.

Meet our compassionate ATPs

You’ll meet your Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who will be your guide through every step of the equipment process.

We help you secure funding

Our team works with your insurance on your behalf. We have the experience and knowhow to process the required paperwork to secure funding for your equipment.

Get your loved one’s custom-fit products

Your loved one will receive the assistive products they need to enjoy a life of increased postural support and increased function.

RESNA-certified ATPs: Here to Support and Guide You and Your Loved One

We’re blessed to have Assistive Technology Professionals who are passionate about the people, products, and mission of quality seating and positioning. And they’re ready to be of service to you and your loved one.

Meet our ATPs