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How We Serve Therapists

We work with occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals like you to achieve the care goals you have for your clients.

therapist working with client

Let’s work together to help your clients access life to the fullest.

Our goal is for our expertise, prompt service, ethical standards, and continuous support to become an integral part of your practice and keep clients moving toward the best health outcomes possible.

Action Seating helps therapists achieve better health outcomes for their patients with disabilities

Ethics-driven Standards

The quality of your clients’ adaptive equipment can profoundly impact their quality of life. We take no shortcuts, troubleshoot every issue, and ensure they have the perfect fit.

Expert care team

Complimenting the compassionate care of therapists, our equipment expertise and timely service ensure your client’s equipment never hinders their comfort or access to life.

Support & Education

Our work doesn’t stop once your client has their equipment. If repairs are needed, or any issues arise, we get to work to keep your client moving.

Efficient Documentation

Our streamlined documentation and feedback process is designed to help you spend less time on the paperwork and more time caring for your client.

Working together, our seating & positioning expertise helps you achieve greater health outcomes for your clients.

Comfort and Proper Positioning

Ill-fitting assistive equipment can wreak havoc on the body. Our custom-fit products improve positioning and help your clients progress toward healthful outcomes.

Confidence & Greater Access to Life

Our products are carefully chosen and fit to ensure your client can more fully embrace life and the world around them.

Lifetime Support

We believe in maintaining strong relationships and continuously providing you and your clients with product education, compassionate support, and prompt service & repair.

How Action Seating and Mobility helps therapists

Schedule Your Client’s Seating Evaluation

Ill-fitting equipment can cause significant damage to your client’s health. They don’t need to live in that pain, and you don’t need to worry anymore if they’re getting the best quality fit. Let’s get them moving.

Schedule an Evaluation

Our Process

From the initial consultation to the day your client’s in their new equipment, every step of the process is focused on maximizing service, support, and your client’s health outcomes.

How Action Seating and Mobility works with physical and occupational therapists

We learn your client’s needs and schedule an evaluation

After a conversation to get to know you and your client’s needs, we schedule a time to meet and conduct a custom seating & positioning evaluation.

Meet our compassionate ATPs and team

You’ll meet the Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) who are a continuous source of compassionate service and technical expertise for you, your clients, and their families.

We help your client secure funding

Our team works with your client’s insurance, using our decades of experience and knowhow to quickly process the required paperwork to help your client secure funding for their equipment.

Get your client’s custom-fit products

Your client will receive the assistive products they need to enjoy a life of increased access to life.

Strengthen your practice

Through our ongoing support, compassionate education, and prompt service, we become a value-added piece of your care practice.

RESNA-certified ATPs: Here to Support and Guide You and Your Clients

We’re blessed to have Assistive Technology Professionals who are passionate about the people, products, and mission of quality seating and positioning. And they’re ready to be of service to you, your clients, and your therapeutic care practice.

Meet our ATPs