Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

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It requires expertise to provide the proper seating & positioning for clients using a wheelchair.  Action Seating and Mobility’s RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professionals have a firm understanding of the options available in the industry. Ours is a comprehensive approach along with your healthcare TEAM when determining which wheelchair seating and positioning products are most appropriate for your unique needs.

Wheelchair seating and positioning products are the heart of the power or manual wheelchairs. We will assist you with your selection through an in-depth seating assessment along with your physical therapist, occupational therapist and other healthcare professionals. Many factors are taken into consideration when it comes to evaluating a client for the most appropriate wheelchair cushion, back support or custom seating solution.   Being accurately positioned in power, or manual wheelchairs can impact your ability to be more independent in your wheelchair, protect against skin issues and reduce secondary complications.  Contact one of our branches today for more info.

Seating Solutions

Wheelchair Cushions

Pelvic positioning and skin protection are vital functions of your wheelchair seat cushion. The seat cushion is also the base of your support and comfort as well as the focal point of functionality for the entire power or manual wheelchair.

At Action, we understand that no two bodies and conditions are alike. We will help you choose the appropriate cushion for your specific needs.  There are thousands of different wheelchair cushions and configurations that are available on the market that address many various aspects of being seated in a wheelchair. Functionality, positioning, diagnosis, everyday activities, transfers, maintenance are just a few of the factors that are taken into consideration when recommending a wheelchair cushion that is appropriate for you.

Wheelchair Back Supports

A wheelchair back support can be as significant as positioning the pelvis with the wheelchair cushion. Gravity takes it’s toll on the spine and can limit reach, lead to secondary injuries and conditions, decrease the opportunity for wheelchair users to complete activities of daily living and much more.

Back supports come in all different sizes, shapes, materials and supporting features and it is imperative to be evaluated by your healthcare professionals and a qualified supplier like Action Seating and Mobility to achieve the goals of each person using a wheelchair.  Choosing the wrong wheelchair back support can have a significant impact on the wheelchair user’s life.

Custom Seating Solutions

There are many product solutions available on the market to address seating and positioning in power and manual wheelchairs.  Different types of supports for the head, trunk, hips, legs, etc. can be added to a wheelchair cushion or back support to achieve maximum body alignment to achieve goals of the individual wheelchair user.

Sometimes a custom molded cushion is the best option to optimize posture and function. A custom mold is considered when there are significant postural asymmetries, limited strength, limited range of motion, and history or potential of skin breakdown. Our dedicated team of professionals is trained to work with your healthcare TEAM to help determine that provision of a custom seating solution is the right course of action.

Wheelchair Seating and Position Products we Provide

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