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Our Little Rock, AR branch in Sherwood has provided complex rehab products such as custom manual wheelchairs, custom power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products for residents in Arkansas for many years.  Our Little Rock Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP’s) have vast experience working with physical therapists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals all over the state to evaluate and deliver these high-end products.  Our staff also specializes in ensuring that all insurance paperwork is processed in the timeliest manner to reduce the wait times to provide your complex rehab equipment.  Our funding TEAM has extensive experience with insurance and Arkansas Medicaid. After approval, our TEAM will supply and service your product ensuring that you will experience the best product experience possible.

Manual Wheelchairs


AcTion Seating and Mobility provides manual wheelchair solutions via our professionals staff of Assistive Technology Professionals who works with physical and occupational therapists to evaluate patients for the most appropriate type of manual chair.  Our Little Rock branch provides light weight and ultralight weight manual wheelchairs for those who use these chairs for their everyday mobility.  We also provide tilt in space wheelchairs for those who are more involved who require more aggressive positioning and pressure relief.

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Power Wheelchairs


Our Little Rock branch provides both standard and high end power wheelchairs via our very experienced staff of insurance processing team and our certified ATPs.  There is very specific criteria that must be met in Arkansas when it comes to acquiring a power wheelchair.  We work with your healthcare professionals such as your physical therapist, occupational therapists and/or physician to make sure that you qualify for the most appropriate power wheelchair product for your unique situation.  There is a significant difference between a standard power wheelchair and a more complex power wheelchair that offers power seating functions such as tilt, recline, elevated seating and power leg rest.

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Seating and Positioning


Our Little Rock branch is very experienced in evaluating and providing high end wheelchair seating and positioning products for consumers.  Seating and positioning products often include wheelchair backs, cushions, head support, trunk supports, belts and harnesses and any other components to address positioning for those wheelchair users with unique challenges as well as pressure relief solutions to prevent pressure sores that those clients that often have these issues when confined to a wheelchair.  Our staff of ATPs are some of the most experienced in all of Arkansas at providing these unique products.  We work closely with the clients healthcare professionals by working together as a team to provide the most appropriate products for your unique situation.

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